Some Reasons Why You Should Buy A Koru Necklace

If you ever go to New Zealand, or any area populated with a lot of Maori people, you will definitely see the familiar swirl necklace (usually made of jade) being worn by many of them. The design of a koru necklace is hard to miss, as it is quite unique and worn by many of the population, and for good reasons too. The koru necklace is considered to be a very personal form of jewelry, as it has special meaning to the individual who wears it. Jade carving is a special form of art in the Maori culture, and the koru necklace is one of the most sacred forms of designs. Therefore, by having jade jewellery, it is a very special and sacred thing to the Maori people. As this is sacred, it should be treated as such, and their culture should be respected. There is variety in their designs, but each one is special and can look very nice on the people wearing them.

Here are some reasons why you should buy a koru necklace.


It has special meaning

The koru necklace has a special meaning to the Maori people, as it is one of the most sacred forms of design. You will see this design everywhere in New Zealand, from tattoos to galleries and even the Air NZ logo. It is supposed to represent the fern, New Zealand’s special plant, in a stylized way. A fern is a young form of flora, so it has come to become the symbol of growth, tranquillity, strength and new life. It is also related to constant moving and growth, all the while remaining in connection to one original point. In the Maori language, it means ‘loop’. For these reasons, this design is held in a very high regard, and thus the koru necklace is something that should be held in high regard too. Not every piece of jewellery that people wear has significant meaning behind it, and by having a koru necklace, you are wearing something with long history and roots behind it whilst also having a very real meaning behind its design and culture.


It looks beautiful

The koru necklace is something that looks beautiful, just by looking at it on first sight. It is usually made of an amazing stone such as jade, which is held as a sacred form of carving and art in the Maori culture. There are various designs that come out of New Zealand which become jewellery; however the koru necklace is definitely a special one. The stone can be of pure green jade or sometimes white stone, black, or even a black and blue mix that intertwines. There are even different designs with double loops or more which all have their own unique look, and you can choose depending on your personal style or even if the meaning behind the designs resonate with you.


You are investing into New Zealand

By buying a koru necklace, you are investing into New Zealand and the Maori culture. You are bringing around the culture and art, and representing it for the whole world to see. Investing into New Zealand and the Maori culture helps to keep it alive and thriving, and educate others on different cultures.


In summary, a koru necklace is a beautiful piece of art which is held sacred in the Maori culture. It is something that has deep meaning and history behind it and should be treated as such. It is definitely something to look into if you are interested in jewellery and other cultures.

Author: Aubree Silva

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